MILFORD Tasting-Tour in Serbia!

The first round of our big MILFORD tasting tour in Serbia just ended and was a big success!
To continue this success, we just planned the next opportunity for you to taste our various flavours:

By the end of the March, you will have the opportunity to hang out with us and taste our teas! Join us in Mercator centres in Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as in Roda Mega-markets Nis and Airport city Belgrade, DIS Zmaj Belgrade, Tempo Ada, every Saturday and Sunday until March 31st. We will give you some gifts, if you buy two teas, one is for free (Work, Life and Balance). Use this unique opportunity to try some new flavors that you have never tried before!
Visit us in Serbia!

This autumn will be fruity!

Raise the curtain for five exceptional new tea varieties from MILFORD

Yes, you have seen right. This year, not only two or three MILFORD varieties have made it from the idea into the tea pack – no, this year there will be an impressive five new varieties.


Prepare yourself for extraordinary flavours of far away countries that will take you on a flavoursome journey to America, Japan and France. American Moment, the somewhat different fruit infusion with mandarin-cheesecake flavour, French Moment, an aromatic fruit infusion with lavender-and-caramel flavour and Japanese Moment, a flowery fruit composition of cherry blossoms and roasted rice, will enchant you with unfamiliar flavours. The excellent taste of these three varieties has now been certified by the reputable Taste & Quality Institute ITGQ: The entire Foreign Moments Range has received the Silver Taste Award in the categories first impression, flavour and after-taste and may from now on carry the Taste Award seal on the tea packs.
The new variety Windfall, on the other hand, is a bit more classic and less exotic. It brings you the down-home flavour of ripe local fruits such as damson plum, quince, apple and pear. Simply delicious.

This year, we have also developed a special blend for herbal infusion connoisseurs. A soothing herbal blend of the most aromatic 9-Herbs that the herbal garden has to offer. The combination of the distinctively individual flavours of the different herbs results in a particularly delicious creation. Mint, fennel and camomile are known for their soothing effect and, combined with fruity lemongrass, tangy lemon verbena, mild rooibos, blackberry leaves and fresh lemon balm, they ensure a delicious indulgence moment. Now available in the convenient family pack with 40 bags.
Let yourself be surprised and discover our delicious new tea varieties on the shelves from October.


MILFORD Essences!

Check out our new Essences Range. Because all you need is your Work-Life-Balance

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