Teas – inspired by the Ayurveda

Ayurveda translates from the Sanskrit as “knowledge of life” – and that’s just what it is. A holistic system from India, tried and tested over thousands of years, intended to maintain or restore the individual equilibrium of your body and soul.

Diet is a key area of the Ayurveda, with spices playing a special role. The choice of the right foods depends on a person’s “dosha” or body type. According to their constitution, this corresponds with one of the three types known as “vata”, “pitta” or “kapha”. We have been inspired by the royal spices of Ayurvedic cuisine for our MILFORD Ayurvedic-style teas.
Don’t we all want to lead a life in spiritual equilibrium and well-being? We have let ourselves be inspired by the Ayurveda, the traditional Indian “knowledge of life”, for our Ayurvedic-style teas.