Our packaging is just as sustainable

Of course the packaging must protect the tea as effectively as possible – but it should also be as sustainable as possible. For us this means that we do not use any plastic and rely on sustainable packaging materials instead. Your MILFORD tea is packed in an FSC-certified folding box. The teabags are compostable and made without any cellophane or metal staples.

What makes you happy should also make our environment happy. That is why all our MILFORD teas are cultivated in a controlled, sustainable way that is certified to meet the standards of the Rainforest Alliance™. Of course we only use teabags without metal staples, so they can be conveniently disposed of in the organic waste. The folding box is made from FSC-certified paper and goes in the paper waste.

A close partnership: MILFORD and the Rainforest Alliance

For tomorrow’s world to be a positive place is something close to our hearts. That’s why we work together with the non-profit, international Rainforest Alliance organisation. It is committed to a better future for people and nature – and for both of them to live in harmony with each other. The Rainforest Alliance Seal means that the farm owners are able to cultivate their land in a more sustainable way, protect the environment and improve their living conditions.

Protecting the environment when making tea?

Sounds odd, but it’s true. If you only boil the water you need for your cup or pot of tea, you are making a contribution to the responsible use of water as a valuable resource.