Taste Happiness!

The world has so many positive things to offer. How would it be if we enjoyed the good things more instead of moaning about the bad ones?

 Enjoying the positive things in life – and helping to keep them that way. That’s what we stand for at MILFORD. That is why we make really good, incomparably tasty teas from herbs and fruit to make you feel good. As they have an especially full-bodied taste and as they come from controlled sustainable cultivation, certified to meet the standards of the Rainforest Alliance™.

 MILFORD. Taste Happiness!

Happiness is home-made!

 How we think, what we do and how we approach things determines how happy we feel. Here are a few tips to help boost your mood in day-to-day life."

1) Let your endorphins sing

Turn up the music, sing along and dance through your home. This will make sure your endorphins are released – as it’s not without reason that they belong to your happiness hormones.

2) Make your happiness conscious

Ask yourself “what has made me happy today?” every evening. Take conscious note of small things. A ray of sunlight that tickles your nose. A hug. A cup of tea.

3) Give someone a piece of happiness

You get what you give. As those who give joy to others also feel joy themselves. Such a piece of happiness need not be expensive. What about a cup of delicious MILFORD tea? Or simply a smile?

4) Out in the fresh air

Fresh air and exercise works wonders for your good mood. Even if you don’t feel like any exercise.

5) Keep smiling

When you smile, you are sending a signal to your brain that you feel good. And that in turn leads to your brain releasing more messengers to ensure your well-being. So smiling always helps.