Lime Splash

Lime Splash

With our tea creations not only wonderful tea can be enjoyed, but also delicious recipes can be created.

Check out this amazing recipe for a drink and let yourself be enchanted!



(serves 2)

2 tea bags MILFORD Peppermint

2 1 limes

2-3 tsp brown sugar

around10 mint leaves

crushed ice

100 ml sweet white vermouth (e.g. Martini, Cinzano)

2-3 tsp lime syrup


Pour 300 ml boiling water over the tea bag, leave to brew for 6 minutes, and then remove the tea bags. Allow to cool. Wash the lime with hot water, pat dry and cut into pieces. Divide this among 2 glasses, add the sugar and gently mash the lime with a fork. Add mint leaves and fill the glasses to the top with ice. Stir and pour over them vermouth, lime syrup and tea. Enjoy immediately!

Preparation time:around 15 minutes

Table of nutitional value:

Approx. 153 kcal / 640 kJ per serving


0.3 g protein

20.7 g carbohydrate

1.2 g fat

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