Cold & Flu Herbs

Cold & Flu Herbs


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This benefit tea contains selected ingredients which are concentrated on the health benefits needed against an upcoming cold or flu. It has a delightful taste with a light sweetness.



Sage (30%), peppermint (20%), spearmint, liquorice roots, lemon verbena leaves, anise, elder flowers, ribwort leaves, cloves, thyme, cinnamon, marshmallow roots, blue mallow flowers.


Amount Time Temperature
teacan vertDivider_short 3 Bags teabag_flat vertDivider_short piechart vertDivider_short thermometer
teacup 1 Bag 6 min 100°

Depending on your taste, take at least 1 bag for a cup, and for a can – depending on the size of the can – at least 3 bags. Pour over absolutely fresh, bubbly boiling water and let it steep. Done!

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