• Herbal infusions stunningly successful!

    Intensive Peppermint and happy Camomile –   We here at Milford love tea in all variations! As we are renown for our intensively tasting fruit infusions, at the same time our traditional herbal infusions become more and more popular. Herbal infusions in many families have a long tradition in being believed to support the body during […]

  • New Milford Benefit Teas

    Out now! Try now!   Discover now three new and stunning tastes within the Milford family: The new range benefit teas enlargens the Milford assortiment beginning this season. Try out three absolutely new tastes that boost you personally: our brand new Anti Age, Stomach and Good night. Enjoy!

  • Our MILFORD Novelties for this season!

    MILFORD Novelties for the tea season 2018 Three new teas meeting the consumers needs and thoughts: Enjoy now Black Tea Superfruits, Cranberry Delight and Cold & Flu Herbs! More to discover here…

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