Our Tea

Our Tea

With its parent company, the Ostfriesische Teegesellschaft (OTG) in Hamburg, Milford Tee Austria can look back on a century of experience in tea.

In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, tea specialists select the best teas from hundreds of samples, each year. This expertise is also reflected in our success on the market.

Right from the procurement department, our tea buyers select the finest raw materials from around the world according to specific quality criteria. Numerous purchase and offer samples are tasted by our experienced team of tea-tasters and critically evaluated on a daily basis.

Only after the approval of a sample and its subsequent analytical testing, is a batch of tea actually purchased.
Even with the decision to buy certain teas, our tea tasters prove their talent in blending teas. Thanks to their excellent sense of taste they make sure they always create and reproduce sophisticated tea compositions at consistently high standards even though tea is subject to natural fluctuations in quality according to different tea gardens and growing areas, varying harvest periods and changing harvest results.


Our Tea Tasters: A Profession for People with Taste

Every day, purchase and offer samples arrive at the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft from around the world. Then it is time to choose: what tastes good enough for our range of products and thus for our customers?

This is tested by a team of tea tasters according to specific quality standards. Yet, they are not only responsible for the critical sensory evaluation of samples. With their highly sensitive sense of smell and taste, they can also blend the raw ingredients to be purchased, so that they create a final result of consistently high quality with exactly the spectrum of aromas intended by the recipe. A masterpiece. Especially, given the fact that the raw materials are subject to natural variations and also differ slightly in taste from season to season.

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