Raise the curtain for five exceptional new tea varieties from MILFORD

Prepare yourself for extraordinary flavours of our this years novelties!!




All you need is your WORK-LIFE-BALANCE!

Have a look at you new spot and get to know our new ESSENCES Range.
watch the spot



We proudly present: The ESSENCES

New herbal and fruit infusions, flavoured with natural essences and enriched with selected ingredients for your WORK-LIFE-BALANCE!

WORK – Refreshing herbal infusion with herbs & natural essences to boost your concentration

LIFE – Full-bodied fruit infusion with energizing natural essences & fruits

BALANCE – Pleasant herbal infusion with calming herbs & natural essences

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Same Quality! New Design!

MILFORD has a new look.
After so many years we thought our products could need a new packaging design! So we took care about all of our products and designed some very beautiful new packages.
Have a look at our new packaging design…


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